The time has finally come! Gah! My emotions are all over the place so bare with me... if you know me; you fully understand how its been a long time coming.The biggest struggle was coming up with a fitting name for my blog. The name "Teuta" (teh-oo-tah) has given me the HARDEST TIME for the last 23 years! But - its also given me some of the best memories... laughs...a ton of confusion...and awkward compliments. So for now I'm stuck with this name and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Fashion has always been something that exhilarates me. Its been my escape; my freedom to be who I want. There is no greater feeling than putting on a new pair of jeans... a new top...the shoes you've been literally eyeing for weeks (now staring at you in your closet) and more importantly, wearing clothing that make you feel good. As the saying goes "when you look good, you feel good!". For my FIRST ever post.. I thought I'd keep it simple...for now.  


Fun fact: I'm a Gemini...(meaning: "for a Gemini, style is the very essence of who they are"). Simple but versatile. 

This Forever 21 top is e v e r y t h i n g.

FYI! I will never stop wearing my 3x1 Crop Fringe Stella jeans for as long as I live. 

Insert the peach emoji --> 🍑  

Scored this BOMB Rebecca Minkoff Bag at her Sample Sale a few weeks ago (..oh and I can't stop wearing it).

Shop similar styles below - click click click!

Come back soon 🍒

Laters baby. xx