One print I've never gravitated towards is gingham - but with Spring finally (kinda sort of) here I decided to give in. If you're like me and don't necessarily mesh with preppy prints, I would advise sticking to edgier or darker color combos. Dark colors are typically what my eyes are drawn to. Being from New York, its kind of impossible not to just wear black all the time. In reality, clothes are just pieces of fabric that can be styled in any which way you choose to. Don't listen to anyone, if you like something or think it looks cool, then do you!

Unfortunately these pants are no longer available at Zara but their current trouser selection is on another level (check it out but don't blame me when you head over to your shopping cart and see that number on the bottom). Top is a recent sale purchase from & Other Stories, shoes are Urban Outfitters,  and fishnet socks are Amazon Fashion. Scroll down for more!

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