Racer Black Leather Mini Skirt of my dreams.

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Top: Forever 21

Bottom: Vintage find

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

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We're all sometimes a little guilty of being lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning (I know I am). Sometimes you just want to pick out an outfit within five minutes and step outside. One quick glance in the mirror, hair and makeup in check and we're off. Yes, it can be that easy depending on what and where you're getting dressed for.

My go-to for a quick and easy look is simply a t-shirt and a pair of denim blue jeans. However, when the t-shirt is just long enough that you don't need to have bottoms on, you're all set. Throw on some of your favorite shoes and accessories and boom! I find that a pair of killer heels add that boldness which put together each piece you're wearing. I own a ton of bandeaus / bralettes which I end up just throwing over a graphic tee or plain top just to switch things up. Give it a try, it can actually emphasis your body shape in the most appealing way. As excited as I am for Spring, I've become obsessed with below the knee boots which I'm hoping to get more use of even when the warmer weather hits our way. 


T-Shirt Dress: Zara

Bandeau: Boohoo

Shoes: Steve Madden

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In between seasons is a hella confusing time of year but its all the more reason to never take off my favorite shiny black puffer from Zara. No seriously, this is probably my most noteworthy purchase of 2017. Its also an excuse to wear crop tops and rad ski pants until Spring comes through. The most comical part of it all is that I've actually never been skiing before...mainly because I'm afraid of falling and shattering into a million pieces but these Rag & Bone pants were too good to let go. Maybe if it snows again I'll just put them on and stand outside. Another thing to add on to my completely abnormal list of things you shouldn't have done and reasons why you're weird. It's fine, i've accepted it. Side note: since I was a kid I had an obsession with cutting up clothes and re-working my wardrobe hence why I'm always wearing crop tops that are slightly crooked. Clothing would be really boring if you didn't have fun with it. I just don't settle for boring. My brain wouldn't allow that if I tried.

I'm fully for enhancing your favorite pieces and adding your own accessories like I did with these Rag & Bone pants. I have a huge hoarding problem and own way too many miscellaneous chains, buttons, fabrics, etc. from random shops in NYC. Don't get rid of them! They may be that final touch you were looking for. 

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This off-white, red and black color combo is the real statement on these pants.

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Re-worked Crop top Hanes, Puffer Coat Zara, Ski Pant Rag & Bone via The Runway at TJ Maxx, Boots Public Desire, Sunglasses Céline