We're all sometimes a little guilty of being lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning (I know I am). Sometimes you just want to pick out an outfit within five minutes and step outside. One quick glance in the mirror, hair and makeup in check and we're off. Yes, it can be that easy depending on what and where you're getting dressed for.

My go-to for a quick and easy look is simply a t-shirt and a pair of denim blue jeans. However, when the t-shirt is just long enough that you don't need to have bottoms on, you're all set. Throw on some of your favorite shoes and accessories and boom! I find that a pair of killer heels add that boldness which put together each piece you're wearing. I own a ton of bandeaus / bralettes which I end up just throwing over a graphic tee or plain top just to switch things up. Give it a try, it can actually emphasis your body shape in the most appealing way. As excited as I am for Spring, I've become obsessed with below the knee boots which I'm hoping to get more use of even when the warmer weather hits our way. 


T-Shirt Dress: Zara

Bandeau: Boohoo

Shoes: Steve Madden

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If there's one thing you all should know - its that I have a serious obsession with satin. Satin tops, dresses, bottoms... you name it! My eye always wanders towards that specific material because of how feminine and sultry it is. Now that we're in the month of July (can you believe it?!) it can get so unbelievably hot to the point where you really don't want to be wearing thick pieces. I find that wearing satin almost feels like you have nothing on. It's light, easy to move in, and simple. You can pair it with almost anything for that "cool girl look". I chose to pair this Rosie Tie Front Satin Shirt from Boohoo with yet another PacSun skirt, Sam Edelman heels (which happen to be one of my favorite footwear brands if you're looking for something more affordable & chic) and Free People's Mega Metal Hoops in gold for a finishing touch. 

Side note: last summer I had a phone conversation with Sam Edelman himself (don't ask how - but i'll probably still tell you)...yeah... still not over it. 

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Ciao for now!