Racer Black Leather Mini Skirt of my dreams.

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Top: Forever 21

Bottom: Vintage find

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

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It is the era of the blazer phenomenon. Taking a trend that has been alive for decades and constantly redefining it. The blazer has evolved into much more with a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and overall fit to choose from. I tend to pick one statement piece for each look I pull together - and a bold blazer always seems to do the trick. The structure of this Double Breasted Windowpane Plaid blazer from Topshop is more of an oversized fit which I tend to prefer being that I am more of a casual dresser. The green accent color is a perfect hue for Spring. These patent leather pants add that bit of edge to make this look go from day to night. The weather in New York is confusing lately so boots are still an option (however I feel like I'll be wearing boots or sneakers even as the temp increases). Keep scrolling for more from this shoot; direct link to blazer attached below.


Jacket / Blazer Topshop via Nordstrom, Bra Free People, Bottoms Topshop, Shoes Nine west

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Sometimes you need to take a step back from everything in life to appreciate what you have in the moment and to understand that not all your dreams can be accomplished overnight. More importantly, you have to love yourself before anything. I read an article recently written by Alexandra Harra on Huff Post titled "The Art of Self-Love"  (highly recommended for everyone) and it really inspired me to take some time for myself and do more of what makes me happy.

What stood out to me in her piece was when she said "I would come to find out that there was nothing missing within me — nothing wrong with me and nothing that I didn’t deserve. Through honest reflection and a mindful shift, I rediscovered the secret hiding place of my self-love. It was all there where I had left it — perfectly". With the New Year approaching, I made a pact to: do more of what I love, cut out negative influences, release love to myself, and thrive on creativity. 

Now on to the good stuff, the Puffer Coat is probably my most overused piece this season. It's always my go-to when I'm running out of the house. I find that they're super cozy, surprisingly keep you warm, and instantly make any look a bit more edgy. The only issue I have is that I want them my Free People kills it with outerwear EVERY YEAR. This cropped slouchy green number from Free People was actually purchased at a discounted price on Revolve (keep your eyes on the radar for those sales). Scroll down for the direct link to my coat along with other current favorites.

Cheers ya'll!

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The limit does not exist when it comes to coats. The Puffer trend is one of my top favorites this season - I'm loving the way this pop-of green meshes with the black. 




If I could describe myself in one picture, it would be this. Always on-the-go. 


Living my best life in the Free People Bunny Cuddles Jogger, seriously the comfiest pants I own. 

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Coat & Pants: Free People

Shoes: Bershka

Hat: Forever 21

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One of the most beautiful, relaxing, and romantic settings has to be Central Park in the Fall. The colors are insanely vibrant during this time of year. For those who don't already know based off my Instagram content, I'm a huge nature girl. I could walk outside for hours surrounded by trees, leaves, water, etc. - its what keeps me sane. 

Have you guys checked out the current Who What Wear x Target Collection yet?! You must! Plus a lot of their current items are buy one get one 50% off (woo!). If I could have their whole collection in my closet right now - I would. Below I'm wearing their super comfy, funky, stripe set that gives off major Beetlejuice vibes (where I initially fell in love with Wynona Ryder). I don't think one could ever own too many stripes. If I'm ever going to do a pop of color, it'll always be my shoes that spice up the look. For those not a fan of real fur (such as myself), be sure to checkout Asos. They carry a ton of faux fur coats and scarves. Scroll down below for more on this shoot. 


tuetadone-41 (1).jpg

Central Park this time of year is something out of this world. I love Fall in New York.


These pop of red Zara booties are literally fuego.


When I'm not having a good hair day - a topknot is always my go-to. 


Can't keep this gal from smiling.


Top & Bottom: Who What Wear x Target Collection


Scarf: Asos

Shoes: Zara

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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! This outfit was so fun to put together (ignoring the "don't wear white after Labor Day rule" #sorry). Bell sleeves have been a major trend throughout the years. The dramatic sleeves add that perfect amount of funk to any look. This era of fashion is heavily inspired by past decades; specifically the 70's where bell sleeves were introduced. Most of my inspiration comes from different times in fashion which is why I don't have a specific style - I'm always changing things up and trying out new trends, but in my own way. 

A few weeks ago I walked in the cutest Boutique (Whim) located in Westchester, New York. That's where I found this beautiful top! It caught my eye the moment I walked in the store. I find that with bell sleeves depending on the look you're going for, its best to find something a bit more tight on your body. You want the sleeves to standout and avoid looking frumpy. Make sure to checkout Whim if you're ever in Westchester... I promise you wont be disappointed. Be sure to scroll down for more on this look!


Absolutely in love with this belt (unknown brand).

Randomly found it in my moms closet and now I wear it everywhere!


I don't know what it is about leopard print but it always catches my eye! Perfect pop piece to enhance any look. 


Never been a huge fan of white denim jeans BUT these are so comfy and flattering. 


Top: DO+BE Collection

Bottom: Gap

Shoes: DSW

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